Things You Should Do Before Tossing Your Laundry in the Washing Machine

Have you observed that your clothes start to fade and ripped? Have you observed that your garments begin to shrink? If yes, you must remember that laundry is not the same, and you must deal with them. 

As we feel the tiring and stressful weeks that we have, we could not afford to deal with our laundry. It can be very tiring to deal with dirt, water, and washing everything. When we do the laundry, it is not easy as we may think. We do not just click a button and have well-cleaned clothes. If you feel like you cannot do the laundry properly and you want to seek help from professionals, do not hesitate to ask for help from?wash and fold in Brooklyn, NY.?They offer many services that promote convenient and hassle-free transactions. In the comfort of your home, you will have the best and well taken care of fabrics. It is best to have professionals with our side because they know what’s best! 

Sometimes, we want to explore something new. It is also applicable to laundry. If you want to know everything about the proper ways for machine wash, we will help you!? 

At this moment, let us talk about the things that we should know before tossing our laundry in the washing machine. Do you have any idea about the matter? If none, then this article will help you big time!? 


Sorting our clothes before washing is crucial. We could not deny that dyes will fade when we wash them. If you want to prevent this problem from happening, it is best to sort them into colors. Also, do not forget to set aside the white colors from colored ones. Aside from that, most of the clothing in the market has instructions about ways to wash them. You must follow it for the betterment of your linens.? 


Many types of detergent are in stores. Sometimes, we purchased detergents because of advertisements. Before buying for your laundry, ensure that it will not damage their fabrics, your machines and will not cause allergies. If you want to help the environment and want to go green, you can use an environmental-friendly detergent.? 


One of the challenges that you will face with your laundry is stains. Some stains are difficult to remove and need professional skills. However, if you want to handle them with yourself, do not dab. Ensure that you will not spread the stains to some parts of the clothes.? 


Before putting your clothes inside the washing machine, get rid of buckles and pins. You must follow these tips: 

  • Leave the zipper close. 
  • You must close the hooks and snaps. 
  • Avoid fastening the buttons, as it will harm the buttonholes.? 
  • You must check the pockets of your clothes and remove items inside. It will prevent problems when you have valuable things left inside your clothing. 
  • If your clothes include loose strings, tie them. The chances are high that they will tangle and cause trouble.? 


If you want to include your undergarments to wash using the washing machine, it is best to put them in a bag. It will prevent tearing and fading.? 

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